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Admit it. You relied on your talent. It's that simple. This happens for so many reasons but always remember that work will always outweigh talent.

And here's why...

Every skill requires a path to its full potential. I don't care if it's plate spinning, the person that spends the most time on the most basic concepts cultivates a winning strategy.


Face it, when times got tough and you realized you weren't the hottest shit guitar player in the end you quit. We all go through this frustrating period at times but if you want a greater reason to keep going then get more skin in the game.


There's no higher price to pay than discipline and that starts with going back and finishing the job with mastering your fundamental movements, theory, navigation and overall knowledge of the guitar.


Too often I find that guitarists tell me that they know a whole lot about harmony but often find that they have a hard time using it.

Well, this is because they weren't properly put through the hard knocks of hard core ear training and analysis.

I'm going to train you to be able to hear basically any body of music and make assimilate it's true harmonic nature. You're going to master chord progressions, and modal harmony on a scale that will give you the power to create a signature sound that your peers will grow to know and respect for years to come.

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Throughout this final step you're going to learn how to weaponize your new-found heightened harmonic awareness by imprinting (it) on the fretboard.

You see, when you learn to understand the full functionality of intervals, chords structures and tones, modal structures, etc. the guitar will make much more sense.

Box shapes and the CAGED system aren't necessarily wrong or bad. In fact, they are great for helping beginners-intermediate player get along playing after all.


If you want to avoid getting stuck creatively you must understand the hows and whys of the neck. You're going to be mind-blown by what I have to show you. Prepare to complete freedom!

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